Friday, 30 September 2011

KFC Cashier Worker ; the Chicken Guy :P

Actually , I started to feel Lazy to write a post in this blog. hahahahahha xD
So... Let me tell you guys the 1st time i talk to this guy.
I was going out with Noni and Coconut , we went to KFC to eat. after finish eating i was drinking my drink.. and looking around.. Suddenly, I realize that the cashier worker, call him Soursop :D , he is calling me "hey!" but i thought he was talking to a group of guys that was sitting behind me. so, i ignored him. and then he called me once again.. "hey!" i look at him and i point at myself 'me??' he pointed at me "yea you!" i thought what happen ?? so i went to the cashier counter and then he asked me.

Soursop : Hey, You have boyfriend or not??

Me : HAH?! noo...

Soursop : I also no girlfriend.. want to be with me or not??
Me : EeeeeEeeh ?!?!?!!
Soursop : you are pretty... really,, pretty..
Me : eerr..err.... *blushing like hell + Confused*
Soursop : can i have your phone number ???
Me : hah?! ee.. eeem...
Soursop's Friend : your friend is leaving you

when i turned, my friend was running out from the KFC while they were laughing. then i ran out and chased them. since then, everytime i went there. he will said hi to me. and all the workers will look at me. and it made me feels awkward =w=" after that i stopped coming for a long time. but i don't how long it is exactly hehe.. :P  so i went there yesterday.. and when i was washing my hand. suddenly he appeared out of nowhere. and he said hi to me. so i said hi back.

Soursop : Hi
Me : .... hi... ?
Soursop : where did u go ? 3 weeks already you didn't come.. 
Me : *inside my heart* i don't even know when is the last time i went there..

And TODAY , i went there again with Melon. When i ate my burger, He walked out from the cashier and walked to the table next to me. i was so nervous and feel awkward.. i don't know what should i do.. and then i open my mouth to bite the burger.. he said 'aaaaaa.....' when i bite the burger.. '...mmm' he mean he wanted to said "aaamm" by following my mouth movement .. So embarrassing >///<" .

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