Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Es-Heits-I Ai-Es Ei Bi-Ai-Ti-Si-Heits

Es - S      Bi - B    Ti - T      Ai - I     Heits - H     Ei - A        I - E        Si- C
If you guys wanna know the Title, Solve this EASY puzzle xD hahahha
So,, my friend... let's call her "Noni" (the fruits that looks nice but the taste is Bitter)
She is freakin' ANNOYING !!!
She always talks sweetly in front of everyone, ESPECIALLY, her Boyfriend! He is so Stupid. I can't imagine, How can he FALL IN LOVE with a girl like HER ?!

She live in my house from few days that time (some prob.)... and i found her true self~!
She go to school, without even wearing a Short Pants Inside her skirt ?! WHAT THE HELL?! and once she reach home after school, she just straight away lay down on the bed and put her feet up. I CLEARLY saw it, and she KNOW I could see ! But she doesn't care ?! and when she was going to take bath, she took out her clothes RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME !! EUH MAN!! what worst is, SHE told most of my friends, that i did not believe in her, i'm very mean,, she can't trust me anymore... I'M SORRY ?! DID U EVEN TOLD ME ANY SECRETS BEFORE ?! HOW DO U KNOW I BELIEVE YOU OR NOT ?! i BELIEVE her. But she said lied abt me to my friend ??? OKAY!! I'm not going to believe her ANYMORE !!

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