Sunday, 18 September 2011

1st PoSt,,Desu~~ ^^

Greetings!! :D

This is my 1st time using this blog so i don't really understand how to use this blog yet.. (.__.")

Let's just call me "Lime" and i am 13 years old ! [going to 14 though (=w=)]
I am actually a shy girl and quiet... But i am very TaLkAtIvE to my Best Friend.. :)
I am pessimist... i always think of bad things. and rarely think of good things... and mostly i often cry all by myself at night while everyone are asleep... mostly.. once i'm alone, i'll started to think of something bad... and i'll started to cry... But i'm okay with it.. i'm used to it and.. besides, I have friends that will always Cheer Me Up when i am sad.. :)
well, i actually have nothing else to say.... (_ _I|)

I think that's all for my 1st post x] hehe~~ 
 Thank You! 


  1. hahahahah xDD mksh klo bgtuuu :P hihi

  2. kok bilang makasih lagi.... (XPP) hahaha

  3. hahaha... (:P) sama aja kan tapi... LoL (xDD)

  4. Bedaaa~~~ XDDD yg 1 itu 'MKSH' yg satu nya lagi "mAkAsIh" xDD