Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Regret :(

Last Year...

There's someone that i really truly love back then, just call him 'Apricot'

I always tried to talk to him.. but he always ignored me.. until one day there's a guy 'Lemon' , he talked to me... he is my classmate but we've never talked to each other before.. after few days.. i started to like my classmate... and then he confess to me.. i thought i could give up on apricot by being lemon's girlfriend.. so i accept him... He takes care of me.. he really really love me.. He is very cute when got jealous. sometimes when we're inside the school bus, and there's a guy that disturbed me, he kept looking.. and after that he'll comes to me and push that guy away and stand next to me hahahah.. xD when we play games.. like marble / card... he purposely lose from me. he is so kind..

but just 2 weeks I've already asked for BrEaK Up !! if i remember about it now.. i feel very bad and guilty... i asked for break up.. because i know... i just can't give up on apricot. I like Lemon... but I also can't give up on apricot... so rather than i stayed as his girlfriend while my feelings towards him was just half... i asked for broke up..  and i also said him annoying ! after that... i found out that apricot was... He takes drugs..! so i give up on him.. slowly... I've erased my feeling towards him... 
just few months after that i remember when last time i told lemon that he was annoying.. how hurt is his feeling when i said that..  and i kept thinking and trying to said sorry to him... and without i realized... i fall back for lemon... i tried to just kept quiet... but i just can't... so for the first time... i confess to a guy, lemon. And i waited for his answer patiently... even until now he haven't answer my confession.. well, no offense... I've been so mean towards him last time... This is my Karma.. 

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