Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mosquitoes =.=

    I was doing my School work making a dialog from a drama. and there were so many mosquitoes biting my leg T^T so itchy... Arrrrgghh.. !!
So, let me sing a mosquito song i found in the youtube xD
And this is the Link for the Mosquito Song :P 

Whenever i find mosquito
I like to use my mopiko
I don't want the insect to bite me.
on my back side or my toe

I will always protect my p*e p*e
Don't want to get dengue
Change stagnant water in every pot
Mosquitoes can't make babies

Mosquito bite me
Now my Ka-cheng Itchy
I ask my friend to scratch me
Scratch me deeper down below

Mosquito bite me
As my senses tell me
Why my ass looks like tomato?
That's why must fight the mosquito !  

Whenever i'm about to poo
in a NON-Air-conditioned loo
There's a ka-chua in my porridge
and a lizard on my shoe

but the insect that always find me
and sneaks in trough my back door
find the most in-access-able spot
sucking my blood more and more!

Mosquito find me
In bathtub or jacuzzi
Sometimes bring family
like a buffet with free flow

Mosquito like me
As my senses tell me
Why can't they just leave me alone ?
How can i fight the mosquito?

Mosquito truely
our life long enemy
Ah Lim or Muthu Sami
Everybody also tio

Mosquito drowsy
full of blood sucked from me
I ham-tam him with GIANT potato
That's how i kill the mosquito

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