Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Reject ?

My friend,, let's just call him durian2 =w="a

when i was in primary, durian2 confessed to me in the class. but that time, i still do not understand anything about Love. so i ignored him. (_ _l|)

this year, in June, he confessed to me again, but i rejected him,... 
2 days ago, he confessed to me AGAIN for the 3rd times!! but quite pitiful... i rejected him AGAIN  =w="
Today!!! he confessed once again! he said :

"I don't know what is this feeling.. but i will keep trying to get you!"

honestly,,i kinda pity him if i reject him again.. (.___.)a 

so what should i say ?
how should i reject him without hurting him ? O^O

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