Monday, 26 September 2011

Noni's Acting was just so GOOD (_ _")

Just now, When we're having ART class, Her BF who was absent in the morning. Came. and she definitely saw him outside the class but she pretend as if she can't see. and she kept asking coconut "Is it him ?? Is it him ??" until her BF stand next to her and pretend as if she was shocked "eh ? you're here ???" and she told coconut " i feel like crying.." and she forced herself to cry. You know, when we force ourselves to cry, we blink our eyes so that the tears comes out, isn't it ?? coconut told me angrily "She think I don't know that she was forcing herself to cry ?! keep blinking her eyes!"
That time she also said she was about to suicide. and she SAID she cut her hand. (she put plaster on her right hand) WHAT THE HELL?!?! Even a small cut on my hand, i used a bandage, her's one that big (she told us how big is it) and she only use a PLASTER ?!?!?! It's so FAKE ! and She said she cut her hand on last last week's Thursday. only 1 WEEK and NO SCARS on her hand ?!?! WHAT THE.. ! even a small cut on my hand still leave a scars and it takes around 2 weeks to completely heal. 

By the way,, i don't know who should i choose between mango or lemon..
I don't know whether i should accept Mango or not.. (o^o) I love Lemon.. but seems like i have no hope.. D: besides mango is kind.. i just don't know.. if i keep waiting for Lemon.. i would only be hurt... if i accept Mango.. i would be happy... But i'm afraid the same thing will happen like what i did to my EX, Lemon. :(

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