Sunday, 25 September 2011

Surprise~! :D

    As usual, I open my Facebook.. and Mango, who is rarely goes online is online (it sounds like tongue twister) 
     So, I called him.. and His reply was "I'm lazy to talk to u anymore" I am shocked.. but i know, it's his friend that hacked his account. because i believe he won't say such mean things like that.. :) and after a while Mango called me 
Mango : "Gyaaaaaa... that's not me, it's my friend the one that wrote that"
Me : "yea, i know, it's okay.. :)"
Mango : "i'm afraid you'll hate me.."
Me : "Btw, ur friend send me a relationship request to me.. (.____.)"
Mango : "gyaaaaaaaaaaaa... btw.. you didn't accept the request?? o////oa"
Me : "I know it's your friend that send it.. so i just leave it there. i didn't do anything to it.. (.//.")"
Mango : "just accept it o////o.. I didn't force you.. if you don't want it's okay.. will you be my girl?? O////O"
Me : "eeeeh ???!? mmmn.. about that.. let me think about it first..."
Mango : "kay.. If u accept me.. just accept the request.. :)"

  Oh My!!! >A< Why NOW then he said that ?!?! why not before i fall back for my EX ?! I love him before i fall back for my EX.. but i thought he like another girl... so I give up on him.. and i.. argh~! What should i say ?!?!! What should i say ?!?!?! Oh my GOD Oh my GOD~~~ >O<

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