Friday, 23 September 2011

Unlucky ?

ARGH~!! I hate Noni so much!!! >A<
Well,  we are doing a project, and my part was making a poster. during class time, noni and her bf went out of the class to do the project. and then she ask my friend, "Durian" , to asked me to find them in front of the Science room.. ! I was thinking "I've told them that I am going to make the poster, what for they called me?" so , i walked down 4 floor... and i reach there.. suddenly her bf come to me and behind him was the HeAdMiStReSs !! And she thought I was skipping class then She scolded me and Noni's BF ~!!
I asked angrily to noni's BF "Where's Noni?! Durian said She asked me to find her and now i got scolded !" You know what he said ??? 'She is in the toilet hiding from the Headmistress' Because she asked me to find her i got scolded by the headmistress while she is just relaxing in the toilet waiting for the headmistress to go ?! I was ssoooooooooooooooooooo ANGRY !!! 
By the way,, today Lemon looks sad... or maybe sick ? Because everytime i look at him, he was just sitting on the floor and staring at the floor.. could it be he got problems ? or is it that he is sick.. ? after school i saw him walking pass by, He looks pale.. i'm so worried about him but i can't asked him. I'm such a coward !!! I don't dare to talk to him except using Facebook !! >x<" i'm so angry at myself.. i wish i could talk to him normally.. I can only look at him from far away.. :((
All i could do is just pray for you inside my heart.. :)
"Get Well Soon..."

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