Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ashita Kuru Hi (English Version)

Ashita Kuru Hi = The Day to Come Tomorrow

This is not the real meaning of the Japanese version's one. This was made by a Portuguese
Here is the Link if you guys are interested to hear it :P Her voice is really cute :D

Fall is here and Winter
hides in the tips of the branches.
In the deepness of this world
there are no limits to kindness.

Every time the night falls
let us offer a prayer.
So that we can welcome
each coming day with perfect peace.

Please guide us with your voice,
oh voice so far, far away.
It sounds like a smile,
sounds like a song,
it sounds like the sound of the wind.

Happiness or sadness I'll
embrace it all and keep walking forward.
Cause we are together,
strongly connected.
My hand, your hand, are one.