Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Aunt..

My Aunt.. She was watching movie using my bro's laptop.. And she spoiled it.. ==
but then, she doesn't want to get blamed , so she blame coconut
Since this few days coconut always come to my house to play games in my bro's laptop during break time. when i asked her what did she do to the laptop, My aunt said..
"I think it is because of your friend"

inside my heart.. 

"She was just playing a game. impossible it would spoiled."

Last time she spoiled the house phone. she blame it on me. she said 
"every night u go call guava, that's why it spoiled"
What the hell? i'm just clicking the numbers on the phone and call her. and talk. that is how a phone should be used, would it spoiled just because of that ?! i'm so unlucky, since she is my aunt, i can't say a word to fight her back. i can only stay quiet and get blamed. cih! >:(

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