Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Broken Heart...

These few days,, Lemon always smile at Guava,, or look at her.. but whenever he talked to me, he has no expression for me. he doesn't smile like the way he does last time.. is that how you are going to reject me ? by showing me that you have no feeling for me ?? is that how ?! i knew it right from the start, that you would reject me, but i still confess to you.. i want you to know my feelings that's all ! I've always felt guilty about what happen last time, and now i really regret it.. i didn't ask much. i just want us to be friend. i wish you could talk to me the way you are last time. is it that hard to do that ?! i really really really really love you... i can't stand by looking at you paying so much attention to guava... it hurt so much that i can't stop myself to tears.. there nothing i can do...? there really no more hope for me to be together with you...?

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