Monday, 17 October 2011

New Chara,, Grape ! :D

Let me introduce Grape to you,, readers XD
He is my Best Best Friend !! >W< He is just like my own brother :D
He is a shy guy , :D and he is 4 years older than me :) but we never seen each other, i just knew him from facebook.. 

Guess what is my first impression on  him ?? xD My first impression on him was "this guy is weird. better not to get involved in his life" but now ? We are very close,, and he was the opposite than what i thought last time :P

He is Kind.. 

and somehow, he is cute when he is shy XD hahahhah like, last time, when i say i love him as brother i mean. :P he got embarrassed about it. he said "uwaa,.. my heart beat so fast, deg deg.. (o////////////o)" so cute XDwell, he may not like the shy part of him. but honestly, i actually like him better in that way xD hihi.. 

but now.. he is no longer the way he is last time.. when i say i love him (as brother) for 
the 2nd time XP he say nothing.. he just 

laugh... he doesn't say the thing that he told me last time.. when i asked him who is cuter in the photo.. me or guava.. he can honestly told me, that i looked cuter (and i'm the one that got embarrassed when he said that =w=). the him last time would be too shy to told me all these !! i know, he like the way he is now better than the shy him. but.. i like him better when he still is a shy guy.. (.___.)

i might be selfish. i may not even his best friend to begin with. i'm might be nothing for him.. besides, i can not change people's personality.. but sometimes, i still wish i could talk to the him last time.. grape..

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