Thursday, 20 October 2011

My mood~~

I don't know why, but today, i feel angry with everything people said. i even angry at myself. i got pissed off by what my maid told me. my tuition teacher. apple. and i started to feel angry at myself too, it's because i angry at my maid my tuition teacher and apple

they done nothing wrong ! actually, i'm just getting a bad mood because i can't do my work.. i mean, my maths questions.. suddenly i felt so stupid.. 

By the way,, yesterday mango went online. he said that he is going to get his phone back soon. i chat him.. and he replied me "gyaa~ *hugtight*

Me in front of the laptop..

and then, i asked him,, why he liked me, and he said "NOT NOW!! not enough time for me to explain all this" but he was online for 45 minutes ??? is 45 minutes not enough to just explain why he liked me ?? and then i asked him about the thing, that he wanted to sent to me on valentine day. i asked him "what was that?" he said that it is a necklace... that's the 1st time a guy had ever gave me a necklace. usually all of my boys friends, gave me dolls for my birthday. hahahahah,, honestly.. i didn't really use necklace or bracelet. Ring the worst. i don't like to wear it at all... hahhahahah~~~

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