Monday, 30 January 2012


Last Sunday, when I'm going "Somewhere" from Kuala Lumpur,, there's a guy that sat next to me in the airplane, he is 19 years old, and his name is Garin. and he talked to me.
Garin : where's your school before you move?
me : oh, it's SD.K*ma** Bha**n*ka*i. how about you?
Garin : i am in RK.
me : oooh... *inside my heart : same school as my bro, sis n guava*
when he's filling the departure card, i saw him writing his birthday "1992"
me : Hey ! you're same age as my bro! do you know him ??
Garin : what's his name ??
me : ******i
Garin : ouwh.. i think he is my senior last time
soo... he's my bro's friend? OAO

 and we're somehow.. almost the same, i mean, our personality. we're not careful enough to protect ourselves, for example, I can just easily give my phone number to someone that i just know in 1 day! and him, he gave me few papers when i asked him, and that paper contains his photocopy of his passport! isn't that dangerous? he doesn't even know me! and we're also.. stupid.. =u="
me : you know, when i just moved here, my maths mark was 21 !!
Garin : you're better, you know how much i get for my math when i just moved ? 18 !!
LOLOL XD that's a close one~ :P
then, when i reached home, i open my facebook, and checked for his facebook, and i'm surprised to see.. we have 23 mutual friends.. =A="
and then i asked my friend "you know who is Garin?" and my friend said 'i think that guy is the son of the owner of the shangrila restaurant'
the owner of that restaurant is my father's friend!!! you know what does that mean? that means he is a son of my father's friend! and i often go there for dinner with my family !! also, my mom suddenly told me
mom : nee,, he's the guy that me met in harbin in the holiday
me : HAAAAH?!?!???!!!
even until China also we met each other ??!!???!
What a coincidence~ >u<"


  1. To strange... =.='' My head is going crazy... ahhhh!!!!

  2. Whoa that's a really creepy coincidence!! XD

  3. Mikka : hahhahahah xDD i know right~ :P
    Charlotte : but it's kinda funny isn't it? xD