Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Student~!

There's a new Student in my class, call him.... errm... Avocado... =w="

Well, I'm kinda curious about this guy.... It's not like i Like him or what~ We're just friends~! :] I still like Lemon~ hahhah... though he is being so cold towards me....

U see,, he's just like a gangster, he is naughty, in his 2nd day of school he ate in the class and whatever thingy~ BUT he is kind to me! he didn't disturb me, he.. i just don't know what type of person he is actually... 

Apple asked me to not be too close to him, well, since most of the time he followed me...  when i asked her why, she said "don't ask me! just don't be too close to him!" but I just can't you know.. maybe he looks like he is a bad guy.. but.. He is kind to me... and i know i shouldn't really believe in someone i just know for 2 days.. but.. that's me! i can easily trust people..
EXCEPT, there's a Reasonable reasons why i should be careful of him or i saw something bad he did by myself... >< 

So,, i'm confused.. is he really a bad guy that i should get rid of?

Okay,, by the way.. no pictures for this post.. =w=" i just don't know what picture to put here, hahhah~ xD


  1. -.-'' It's so confusing... Is he bad? Is he a great guy? Aggg!!! Well, you met him 2 days ago, right? I'm not going to tell you if you must trust him or not. I'm not going to tell you ''don't be too close to him''. Maybe, it's just... be careful, Lime. Boys are strange... and dangerous in most case.
    I don't want to look like a mother, telling you what to do, but I know what boys can do.
    Bye ^^

  2. yea, it's confusing rite ><
    hmm.. okay.. i'll try to be more careful of him..
    hahhahah xDD it's okay mikka~ :D