Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bottle Love Letter~

I actually made this blog to write things that made me angry, for example about Noni (someone that i really hate) :P but Unexpectedly, Most of the things that i wrote is about Love ! xD hahahaha~
I bought a bottle love letter last year, in November i think... 
Dunno why, but i can't Rotate it D:
i wanted to give it to Lemon when he really is going to move to Australia.. i keep it in a plastic, and there's a sweets wrapper in it, it's the sweets that Lemon gave to his friend, and his friend gave it to me, i know i sounded scary, but, that's the only thing that's lemon's that i can have and i just put it on the table.. suddenly, my mom saw it! she asked me "what is this???" I'm shocked... Lucky she doesn't understand English, so she doesn't know about it.. and she continued "why is there a sweets wrapper?" *inside my heart "oh SHIT!"* i answered her 'o-oh.. that's... i'm going to throw it later...' LOLOL!!! damn scared she would found out that time~~


  1. Hi Lime!
    So you wanted to write about things that make you angry... Well, I don't think that writing about love is a bad thing. I mean, I'm not a romantic girl, but love is a wonderful thing.
    I love this blog, it makes me feel like I'm not the only one with a hard life, and it shows to me at the same time that there's always a good side.
    Sorry... you said that your mother doesn't speak english? I understand you... My father is a real disaster with other languages!!!
    Oh, and I saw you're following my blog. Thanks a lot.

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  3. yea, i think so too x) i'm also not romantic, but i loved to talk about love or romantic things~ xD hahhahah~
    hahhahah xD wat does ur father speak ? O.o
    Welcome, :) and thx for following my blog too :))