Monday, 27 February 2012

Valentine's Chocolate...

On this year's Valentine, i was actually about to give Lemon a pack of chocolate
This is the first time i've ever wanted to give someone a Valentine chocolate... BUT when my friend Tom wanted to helped me by bringing him to me, and left us alone, Lemon went to follow him walking away from me, he PURPOSELY did that... the 2nd try, when he was running towards me , i prepared to call him, but once he saw me, he turn away from me ! D: 

But i can do nothing about it.. .__. *sigh*

oh and By the way~ Happy Belated Valentine's Day ^^


  1. And you couldn't give him your Valentine's chocolate??? That's terrible!! And why does he run away from you? Boys are too confusing... and they are truly absurd. I mean, in my school, we had to write a letter to another person (friend or something more, doesn't matter) and my friend (really old friend, that I have known for 10 years, let's call him Pineapple) decided to send my a card with bad jokes ¬¬ He's like a baby.
    Good luck with Lemon, Lime. (OK, that sounds really strange)

  2. yeap, it end up i share it to my tuition friend x(
    I bet that's because he don't want me to give anything to him, he don't want to accept but scared i cry maybe..? o_o
    yea, that sounds kinda strange hahhahah xD
    and thx for your support mikka :)