Thursday, 12 January 2012

Why can't you Believe me, Mom ?!

Starting this year, everyday i study either biology, physics or chemistry, but my mom keeps saying "you didn't study ?! everyday play only!!" i've told her i study,,
me : 'i did study mom! since few days ago i study!' 
mom : "few days ago but today you didn;t right?!" 
me : 'i can't force myself to study when i have no mood at all right ?! even if i force myself to study i couldn't remember anything! besides i did study everyday!' 
mom : "where got study using mood one?! everyday MUST study! only LAZY people using MOOD to study!" 
me : "GOT! i mean, not everytime i feel lazy right?! but when i really really have no mood, not even 1% how can i study ?!"
I feel damn ANGRY !!! >:((( I STUDY! I REALLY REALLY STUDY! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BELIEVE ME?!??! If my family keeps saying me STUPID, LAZY how can i have the MOOD to study or what so ever ~! I need SUPPORT from my families to SUPPORT me to study or get high mark, NOT A WORD SAYING ME LAZY AND STUPID !!!!!!!  is it that hard to do all this ???


  1. Mothers... I study every day!!! From Monday to Sunday... But she keeps saying that I'm not doing it right! Even when I get a 10 in the exam... Grrrr

  2. yea,, right!! if i get a high mark, she would say "the EXAM must be easy! everyone also get high marks rite?!" I STUDY that's why i can get high marks!! ><