Friday, 13 January 2012

Aw !

I have a friend called "Aw" that's his name. funny right? xD
well, he is older than me around 2 or 3 years, he graduate already. He is very tall and thin XD and he is a type of person that do not like to waste money but he is very kind and also funny
He has a Mobile Phone, but he didn't use it. he said "wasting money to buy the phone credit" . He didn't make Facebook either, or yahoo messenger or windows live messenger, he said "wasting time" LOL XD and i thought i could never meet him again. since i can't contact him at all..hehheh..

but just now, when my mom went shopping with me.. i saw HIM! he is working as a part-time job~! i'm shocked but also happy
I feel so stupid, since i'm too shocked, i talk to him with my shocked face "" can you imagine that?? no i don't think so, since you don't know my face hahhahahah xDD and then, he said "come here buy what?" i thought he was asking me "come here BY what?" so i answer him 'car' LOLOL !!! XDDD he repeated his words "i mean, come here BUY what??" 'yea la, by Car' "I mean BUY things, buy clothes or whatever~" 'OOO!!!! hahhahah!! i thought u say B.Y' LOL XD kinda embarrassing, hahhahah~ 

I'm happy to meet Aw, hahhah~ well, hope we can meet again, x]


  1. Hahaha! What a strange situation.
    It's good to see a friend after a long time.
    I hope you can meet again too!

  2. yeah, i saw him when he was about to kick his friends xDD hahhahah!!
    thx x)