Monday, 28 May 2012


I met a band,, something like k-pop but Indonesian. There's only 3 member in that group. one of them is real korean... when i went to central park mall in Jakarta, i saw them, today just now,... I don't know which group they're from, and who are they... but one thing i know is they are a singer! so i went and tried to hold hand with them and took a photo of them too, here:
This guy is the real korean, don't know his name...

His name is Irwan, Indonesian..

This is a photo of the three of them together :D

I don't know about them up till now... but their songs are not bad... :3
and one shocking news,, the korean and Irwan lived in the same apartment as me in Jakarta !!! :OOO
i got to shake hand with the yellow haired color guy and the korean though :3 hohoho~~~
but i don't know why... i felt angry after being force by my mom and my aunt like they're pushing me forcing me to hug him or whatever, i felt like shouting at them "JUST SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!! I'VE GOT TO SHAKE HAND WITH HIM IS ENOUGH!!!! IT'S NOT LIKE I'M A BIG FAN OF THEM !!!! U GUYS WANTED TO HUG THEM SO BADLY THEN U GUYS JUST GO THERE AND HUG HIM!!!!" but obviously i cant't said that.. and that makes me really angry.. until now,, it makes me angry to actually saw this photo since it reminds me of that ! >:(((


  1. *O* Lucky you!! You really met a group? Wooo *¬* Well, if you find out the name, tell me, please. I really like listening to new groups xD

  2. They're group name is Personil Hitz~ XD
    they sing indonesian song.. i think mixed with a bit of english and korean languange in the song.. i think.. :p can't listen clearly everyone shouting XD