Thursday, 19 July 2012


Today, There's only 4 students in the class! i mean 7~ if the two classes 10A&10B mixed together,, XD but for 10B which is my class, there's only 4 students,,

where is the rest of the class??

All the prefects in my school are having they're trip to singapore :( i wanna follow , but i'm not a prefect.. TT^TT
and then, those who are not prefects goes for International Award Camp

I don't follow the camp, since they're going for climbing and jungle trekking,, i don't like,, hahhah~
and the rest of them who didn't go either of the trip and didn't come to school are just lazy.. XD well, is that mean i'm dilligent student?? 

and actually,, my only reason why i come to school is because Lemon would be at school, too. ehheheh,, :P
supposedly, there would be only me and Lemon who is coming. but suddenly there's another girl, who had always look down on my anime drawings, come to school. and one more guy who i thought would be going for International award camp is also coming.
Anyway,, just now i talked to Lemon!! x)) a bit though.. but at least now we can have a conversation not like last time.. hahhah~
i Hope i can talk more to him,, today and the day after today.. :)

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