Friday, 4 May 2012

Derp Comics~~~

Did you guys all know about those famous comics in the Facebook, the forever alone guy, Derp.
The story was really true, it's like, they know what we actually ever did XD hahhahah,, and it's really funny !!!
you can read it from the FB page named, 
=> Go.Be.Love
=> Life :]
=> We Love Trolling Maximum Style
=> LOL Factory
=> The awkward moment when teacher cracks a joke and nobody laugh

well, of course there's many more, but i only know this,, XD hahhahahah,,

and here is some of the comics, that i shared on my wall recently,, hehheh,,..

That's me ! XD hahhaahh,,

So true ! =w=

LOL! Obviously we bought them isn't it?? XD

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