Friday, 18 May 2012

Revealing Myself~

I've been thinking for quite long to actually still keep this blog as Lime,, or just reveal myself,, OuO 
well,, i hid this blog because i'm afraid Noni would read the posts when i talked about her, but now i no longer talked about Noni. so i have nothing to be afraid of~ 
i would still use those fruits name though~ :P 
well, my real name is Novie Clarissa Meidianti Thio :) 
I was born on 22nd November 1997
From Indonesia, Schooling at Malaysia,, :D 

and here is my photo with Coconut, the black shirt~~ :9

me, the pink shirt with orange, the guy in the middle and watermelon, the red shirt XD

this photo is taken quite long ago~ me at the back, with Guava ^^
I'm fat, i know,, =v=

and I loved to draw animes~ :DD here are some of my drawings~
This is a Digital ART, i color it using Photoshop,, :) but it's my real drawing,, XD hahhah,, i drew this for the easter day on 8 April,, :9

This is mother's day drawing~ :D  I use color pencil to color it~ :3

I design a Wedding Dress~~ :DD this one is just shading, use pencils,, :3

Add my FB if U'd like to be friend me~ :9 hehheh,, IF u'd like to, XD


  1. Nice to meet you ^^ So... you dicided to show yourself. Very brave, I think.
    Hello, Novie ^^
    PD: well... I like the name Lime, so keep the blog with the name you like the best

  2. @Chiara Bertan : Thank u so much~~ >W<

    @Mikka : hehheh,, :P yeah, i'll just continue using Lime XD hahhahah~