Sunday, 20 May 2012


Tomorrow is my 1st day of EXAM !!! 
This is my EXAM time table:
Monday = Physics and ICT
Tuesday = Biology and Bhs.Melayu
Wednesday = Chemistry and English
Thursday = Maths and English
Friday = Mandarin and Add Math
I haven't even study for physics !!! what should i doo~~ what if i fail the EXAM tomorrow~~~ 
I studied ICT last night until 4.40 AM ,, TT^TT still can't memorize many things, i've only memorize a bit~~ i can't concentrate at alll~~~ Aaaargh~~~


  1. Exams!!! I really hate exams ¬¬ Tomorrow i have a Social Science exam. Luckily it's about Greece xDD
    Anyway, exams are horrible. Who the hell invented exams?? ¬¬ I'm sure they where greeks -__-
    Good luck, Lime!

  2. Good Luck to you, too~~ :)))
    where r u from anyway??? O.o
    I know right! why would there be any EXAMs in this world~~~ >3<"

  3. Well, I'm from Spain, so my english is not very good. But I understand a lot of things, so it doesn't matter if my english is not perfect ^^

  4. My English is not so good either,, ^_^
    Aaaaw~ so happy~ i got a friend from Spain~~~ XDD hehheheheh~