Monday, 30 April 2012

Kemono No Souja Erin

I've just watched this anime recently with the title, Kemono No Souja Erin. It's about a girl named Erin who lived in Ake village, which raised a monster called Touda, with her mother, Soyon

Soyon is actually from the mist people but she married to a guy in Ake village, Asson, but he had passed away. Soyon was touda's doctor, she's given a job to takes care of Kiba, the Special Touda which Grand duke really treasure. Erin had always wished to be like Soyon. But if anything happens to Kiba/Touda, the one who would be blamed is the person that takes care of them.

Unfortunately, one day, all the Kiba were dead, because of poison, but Soyon couldn't understand how do they actually get poisoned. She was blamed on the Kiba's death, and was put on a Touda Trial. She was thrown to the Lake where the wild Touda lived so that the Toudas would eat her. Erin ran to saved Soyon, but Soyon do not wished Erin being eaten by the toudas as well, so she use some kind of magic, and stopped all the toudas from moving, and controlled one of the touda to bring Erin away from there.. 

Erin wanted to jumped off from the Touda, but she couldn't, something sticks her feet to the touda! all she could do was crying and shouted "Okasaaa~!! okaaasaaaa~!!!!" while looking at Soyon being eaten by the Toudas.. 

and then she was brought to a riverside by the touda, and a honeyman named Jone found her and safe her. Since then, she started to live happily with Jone, until Jone's son came and asked Jone to live with him and his mother in the town...

I've only watch until there,, they have 50 chapters, :O 
it's a really nice anime ! ><

oh, and i really love the ending song! here's the link for you guys to hear:

and here is the lyrics:

after the rain ame ga agattara 
across the rainbow niji o tobikoete 
aozora ni kakurechau mae ni todoke 
tatta hitotsu no negaigoto 

komorebi ga asobu mori o nuke 
yuuyake ni kasaneta kuchibue 
soyokaze o tsukamaeta te no hira 
tsurarete koboshita namida 

nazeka wasureteshimau 
takaramono no arika 

after the rain ame ga agattara 
across the rainbow nani kara hajimeyou 
kanashimi wa kienai kara kossori 
tanoshii omoide ni mazeyou 

aruki nagara mitsuketa 
kiiroku saita hana 
dokodemo ikeru kara 
imasugu kimi no tokoro e 

itsumo kimi no soba ni ita keredo 
hontou wa kimi ga soba ni itekureta 
sono mama de tada ari no mama de iyou 
hitoribotchi ja nai kara 


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