Saturday, 12 November 2011

Random Post~ :P

yesterday, me and Guava was actually planning on going out together today. but suddenly , Papaya asked Guava to went out with his group. so Guava told him that she went out with me. Then Papaya asked her to asked me to joined them, too. i'm okay with it. it's just that i don't like when it's too crowded and also, they asked me to joined, so that Guava will joined them,too.. that didn't made me felt happy at all.. :/ and then, Papaya called me from the chat "Lime~~~! 2molo join us kay ? x) dun u dare to reject me :/ u know who i am" and i replied him 'threaten me huh ==' LOL! i didn't expect that. since i'm not close to him hahahahah xDD

by the way, just now after i ate my dinner, i went to watched Shinchan and Doraemon in the TVs of course. :P I felt sleepy after i watched it. so i went to my bed, just to rest myself, but I FELL ASLEEP !! since 8 PM until 10.54 PM !! >O< noooo!!

here photos of shin chan and doraemon. xD in case there's someone that doesn't know this cartoon :D

I can't forget about Lemon! >x< every minute, every step i took, every letter that i type, in anything i did, when i eat, i laugh, i'm bored, take bath, watching TV, i am always thinking 'bout him.. and how painful it is to see the way he speaks to me now. 

when i call him in the chat "hey :D" his reply was only ' ? ' D': when i said "u goin' anywhere for holiday" all he said was only 'nop'... the him last time would said 'nope.. you ? :D' .. i said "how's ur exam marks? gud?" he said 'mayb' the him last time would said 'maybe, my BM and history so low :( how abt u ?' he changed so much.. he is so cold to me now,..

 i wish i could go back to the past and change it. stop myself from telling him that he was annoying, stop myself for asking for broke up.. :'(( i hate the me last year. i wish i could just forget everything..

But you know what ? i don't care how different you are from last time. Lemon is Lemon. i will stay loving you.. even though it hurts.. I love you so much.. 

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