Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My HaPpIeSt DaY~~ x)

Lemon TALKED to Me !!!! >W< kyaaaaaa~~~ <3

Even though he only said "Hello".. still,, i'm so happy.. :') it's been few months since the last time we talked to each other x'))
so, it's like this. exam was finish, and my teacher gave back our papers, then we need to do corrections. the teacher showed us the correct answer in a slide show.. then when i was writing the correction on page 4, he clicked the down button to go to page 10 number 6. well, that time i was sitting behind him and behind me was Coconut. Coconut scolded him "Hey! you think we don't need to copy is it ?!" and then he turned to me and looked at me and he said.. "hello" then of course i said "hello" back to him, and i started to smile, i can't stand myself to not smile, i'm just too happy xD and then he stared at my paper and looked which question i haven't done with the correction and then, he clicked the up button to go back to the page 4. aaaww~~ <3 <3 >w<

not long after that, the class end, all the students had gone out of the class, but he still sat in front of me and looked at my paper, since i'm still writing the correction.. and then his friend asked him to went out of the class, but he said "Wait~!" without turning his head away from my paper, he was looking at me writing the correction!! I'M SO DAMN HAPPY!!! <3 <3 <3 xDDD although he was looking at my paper not me. LOL~! :P

Even though it is just a small things, but i'm happy.. :) it means you didn't avoid me anymore.. :D the you last time, would stay away from me once i went to your back or near you and you wouldn't even talked to me.. aaaah~~ i'm so happy :')

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