Friday, 18 November 2011

Birthdays~~ xD

Today i went out with Coconut, Apple, Watermelon and Orange.
You know what ?? my birthday with Watermelon and Orange is so near!! Watermelon's is 19th. mine is 22nd. and Orange's is 23rd !! xD so we went out together today to celebrate it. since i'm not around starting tomorrow until next year :P 
Me, Watermelon and Orange xDDD

I bought a mug for Watermelon
It's light green color mug. but i can't find the same one in the internet 

and I bought nothing for Orange.. T^T but i color a card with the writing Happy Birthday and the picture was Doraemon XD Hhahahaha! the background color was orange. since he likes orange color [and that's one of the reason his name was orange here] :P 
But it's not exactly the same though. :P just an example xD
and then, Coconut gave watermelon a star shaped doll :D it's red color. actually I wanted to buy that star shaped doll for myself since few months ago =w= it's cute. i like the pink color one :DD hahahah~~ 

and coconut gave Orange an orange xDD HAHAHA!! 
but of course she didn't only gave him an orange. she also gave him a notebook
The writing on the cover is different =w=a
Orange and Apple gave watermelon a novel :D
This is a picture of the novel. :P

Orange and Watermelon gave me comics!
this is the comics that they gave me.
 i was surprised when i saw them bought a present for me, i didn't expect that. 
well, you see.. my friends from my old school has never gave me any present for my birthday before, they didn't even say happy birthday to me. only some of them... 
i'm so happy to get those present from them.. x') i will treasure it.. :) i'll  wrapped the book, and keep it neatly xD lolol~~ 

By the way, We went to karaoke AGAIN! XD hahahahah.. and there's somethin' that shouldn't be happening there.. 
Coconut, Watermelon and Apple went out of the room, i don't know why.. so only me and orange left.. We sang Taylor Swift's song. You guys know her right ? :D I sang the song with the title "You belong with me" and the two of us stand on the couch and we dance while we sang, the part when it says "If you could see that i'm the one who understands you" we pointed at each other... and without i realize, I'm still doing the actions when it says "you belong with meee" i sang while pointing at him "you beloong with.. eh?" i almost pointed at myself, if i really did it, It would be same as if i was confessing to him right ? saying that he belong with me.. argh, so embarrassing... >///<"

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