Thursday, 18 December 2014

Missing All of Them...

It's been almost a year since i moved to Beijing,, for schooling..
I did went to visit Malaysia again in the summer holiday, but only for a few days.. I'm not yet satisfied and my mum had bought me the ticket back to Indonesia :(

It's hard to have 2 country that's almost like my own hometown, XD hahahah, Well Indonesia IS my hometown. But Malaysia too just like my hometown.. x) The funny thing is that I actually know more about Malaysia than Indonesia aahaha~

Anyways, after I lost my phone, I tried to remember what I have in my phone, that's important (if I do have..) Well, I guess the only thing i regret to lose are my photos with my friends in Malaysia.. :( I really miss them all, Especially Tommy, Coconut (Molly), Apple (Devi), Melon (Cebrina), Guava (Nia) , omg, now i'm having a trouble to remember all those fruit names that i used on them before, I actually had to refer back to my old posts from back in 2011 (+_+)

I was skype-ing with Tommy and Apple last night,, It was so fun~ I haven't laughed that much since I came to Beijing,.. I did but rare u know,, hahha~.. I can laugh and act freely to them, but not to the people around here,.. Here, i have to try to not be so Childish, I can't really showthem how much I love anime too (cuz they'll look at you like you're a freak or something not all but most..)  I don't know.. I feel like I became a different person here,.. I really wanna meet them all,..

I get to meet Guava in the summer holiday and also Melon and Tommy, But not Coconut or Apple, since they are not continuing their university in Malaysia, Coconut is now studying in Singapore and Apple in New Zealand. I'd probably go to Singapore this coming January, but New Zealand is too far.. :c and Apple does not really intend on coming back to Indonesia,.. Well I bet Apple would read this post since she always stalk me ;) If you do happen to read this post; "COME BACK HERE U APPLE HAIR! XD WE MISS U SI KEMBANG DESA <3"

I'm not so sure why I'm writing this post, ahahha~ I'm so sorry for the long and boring post :)


  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to thank you for following my blog. It was really nice of you.
    Also, I really like your blog - it is so colourful and young ! Reminds me of a friend of mine who is really into Anime (I am not very familiar with it).

    It is so interesting to be able to say you belong to more than one country. I am still trying to reconcile the vast differences I feel exist in my hometown and the city where I study which is only about an hour's flight ! So I feel that you are blessed to be able to call two beautiful countries your home.

    Thank you again for following me :) I really appreciate it !

    1. omg, it's been really really long since i've opened my blog.. so i'm sorry that i've only reply now..

      I'm really happy reading your comment, since there are not many people who commented on my posts and especially since i rarely post any updates ever since entering high school there r not many people who r still around to read my blog i guess.. but you really made my day :)

      oh wow, i see.. I guess i'm the type that can adapt to surroundings pretty easily hahhaa, good luck though for you! :) I'm sure soon enough (or maybe by now) you will love and feels really comfy in that place where you are studying at.

      you're welcome :))