Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Lost My Phone~ :(

Hey guys,.. After not updating for months.. I came back to mourn over my lost phone x,D

So this is what happen,,
It was on Saturday, I went to eat lunch with my friend in a Japanese Restaurant behind of my dorm~,
It's really near, it's within 5 minutes walking distance.

I was chatting with a friend of mine from back in Malaysia when my friend suddenly said "Novie, faster eat! I feel like Po*ping." So I was like "ohh, ok ok~" and put my phone on the table next to my bowl which I've always done and nothing happened. After a while, my friend said again in a more panic tone, "Novie, I can't stand it anymore,, I need to go to the toilet!" so I'm like "Oh okay okay, i'm done i;m done, let's go," "what about your soup?" "forget the soup, you need to go to the toilet" so we left.. and I think i forgot about my phone already by then.. :'( 

I tried to go back to the restaurant and asked the waitress there, but they said they didn't see any phone. But I.. I don't know. They either lied to me and keep it themselves, or somebody else who sat nearby saw my phone and took it before the waitress came to clean up the table..

Anyways, so i guess there's nothing I could do now, they turned off my phone after all until now, I couldn't track them or anything.. and Beijing is a large city..

I am currently thinking of what phone to buy.. Which phone do you guys think is better?
iPhone6, Samsung Note 4 or Sony Xperia Z3 ?

The phone I lost was iPhone 5, so i kind of feel i wanted something different.. Samsung note, I could use it to draw anytime and anywhere i wanted but.. I have samsung note 10.1 inch already, So i thought it would just be the same isn't it? like really similar just different sizes.. :O But when i asked my parents about sony xperia they're saying how the brand is not that well known anymore, I don't know. Any Suggestion? :o I'm not that good with this technology things~..

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