Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Life in Beijing~

Heellooowh guyyz~! :) it's been really long since i last update this blog huh?

feels like continuing my blog now,, hehe,

so~ i'm not schooling in Malaysia anymore, i've graduated since last year by the end of the yeaar~ >u<)9 yeah!

I am studying in a university in Beijing now~ :) though i don't really like it here. I really don't. I mean, Beijing is a fine city, it has lots of historical places too~..

but it's just too crowded for me, I prefer smaller cities like Balikpapan, Kuching, Melaka, instead of those capital cities like Jakarta, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur to live in.

Besides, I.. to be honest don't really like the students here mostly.. i mean the people from my home country to be exact. :/ I don't think they like me at all, so we don't really talk to each other, more like, I am afraid of them. One of them just wouldn't even look at me! D: what did i do?!

it's like at first they're so fine with me, they even invite me to go somewhere outside Beijing for a vacation and suddenly on that last day we spent out there, they just.. treated me this way!
I ask one of them if they're angry at me for something, and she said "Just try to act more mature, don't be too childish" wat do they expect from me?! I am 16 years old while they're 19-20+ !! they can't expect me to be like them ?!
I am pretty much annoyed by them, but i really wished i could just get back to when we're having fun during the vacation. I tried to think lots of time, where did i go wrong during the vacation, i keep flashing back, but i really did nothing. all i do is followed them around i never say anything bad to them, I don't talk much with them, cuz i am always shy around them and they know that since the beginning of the semester.

Well anyways, time for me to sleep or else i wouldn't be able to wake up for morning class tomorrow, haaha~ goodnite guys~


  1. wow im sorry you're classmates are so rude >:T to me i feel like they are being the childish ones here. ((btw im glad you updated your blog! i feel like my blogger dashboard is almost dead haha)

    1. Thank you so muuuch and i'm so sorry i've just checked my blog~~ I have so much things to do this semester, and I really ran out of ideas... Not only in writing blog. even in Drawing~~ I can draw almost everyday before. but here in china. I couldn't get any ideas out T^T)