Thursday, 8 November 2012

My School's Year End Activities~

School Holiday is coming~ :D my school holiday would be on 10th November. which is the day after tomorrow... wait now is past  12 o'clock at midnight already, means tomorrow, XD

So this past few days, my school has been doing this year end activities, each classes have different events~

for year 8, they made a haunted house, we're all allowed to go in there but have to pay though, xD hahhah,,

for year 9, their theme is really cute, it's 'wonderland' :9 there's alice inside there who became the tour guide, she's a korean, and is really cute x3

for year 10 which is my class, we went for a lot of trip, :9

last thursday we went for a trip to 'Level Up' gym, the trainer there sure is giving us a lot of exercises, like sit up , burpee, star jump, without rest! i even vommit 3 times, 'cause my head became dizzy~

and oh, this the photo i had with my friends before we went to the gym,, 
Cebrina my singapore friend on my right side, me in the middle and Lairiy my japanese friend on my left side~
Morgane above us, XD hahhah

Seong Taek my Korean friend, the guy on my right side,  me in the middle, Lai Riy on my left side and Cebrina above us~ :)))
so, after we went to the gym,  we went to the waterfront, a tourists place, but unfortunately it's raining, so we all bought a raincoat, hahhah~

 since waterfront is an outdoor places,,
some photos of waterfront, :3

hmm.. i remember taking lots of them ,, but i couldnt find any,, only this one.. anyway, there's a river over there, XD hahhahah

on monday, we went to 'Giant' supermarket to play some games, it's like, we're divided into a group of 4 people, there'll be the father, mother, baby, and a son also german shepherd, and we were given 3,500 ringgit, not the real thing though. it's just written on a paper, XD hahhahah, we have to buy things for our living, like foods, clothes, etc, by writing it down on a paper and calculate it, xP it's fun though, 

on tuesday, we went to a park which is something like a forest, we played games again, this time is treasure hunt, there'll be a list of hint and things we have to find inside the forest, this one sure is tough and tiring, and there's a lot of mosquitoes there.. TT^TT)

on wednesday, we went to giant supermarket again, we were given the list of the things we have to do and find. like "the most expensive things in giant" "the brand of the most economical A4 paper" or "hug a stranger" , when we hug the strangers we have to took a photo of it, to prove it to the teacher, it's the most fun game of all for me, xD hahhahah,

and yesterday, we made a class party, there's japanese curry, kimchi, pizza , etc, yummy~ :9 

by the way today is my report card day.. i'm doomed.. xD hahhahah,,

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