Thursday, 28 February 2013

Updating~.. XD hahahah~..

Soo... I don't know what to talk about actually.. This is also the reason why i haven't update my blog for so long.. ^^"
By the way, i'm writing this blog using my phone,, so.. I can't put any colors on the passages and also not lots of pictures~.. Hope u guys still able to enjoy it~.. >w<"

Anyways,, guess what?? Lately,, Lemon has started to talk to me ! :D we even go to, let's call him S, lemon's friend, S's house together~.. X3 i'm glad we can get back becomes friend.. :3
Though i no longer have any feelings towards him... :) i've,.. Given up on him... Though i still wish i could become friend again with him~...

That's all i'll talk about for today i guess.. And welcome March!! XD

And here is a drawing of mine~.. :

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