Friday, 24 August 2012

My Drawings~

Just updating.. since it's been quite long since the last time i post... :3 i don't really have anything to say though.. so i guess i'll just share my newest drawing~ :)

I drew this using pen right away during tuition, XD hahhahah, i'm just too lazy to sketch 1st, :9 and, she is one of my comic character~ just for fun comic though, XD hahhahah,

Happy Couple~ x]
I use cute tape as the background, because i can't think of an idea for the background :P and i use color pencils to color the couple~ :3

Third,, :D
I drew this during my Chemistry class, XD lol! always draw in class :P and i color this using Oil Pastel :)

I drew this during my Add Math test, hahhahah... I straight away use pen too for this, that's why there's mistakes on her leg :9

This one is Touhou FanART :D i copied the picture in internet though, XD you see, the picture that i set as my background, nah, i copy from that picture, :3 so if the real owner found this drawing similar to his/hers, i would like to say sorry >w<" i didn't color it, i only shade it~ :3 but i'm currently coloring it using photoshop~ almost done! :D hehheh,

And that's all about it~ :3 and erm, anybody knows how to get our comic got published? XD and, any rules for it..? like, maybe it has to be in.. erm, i don't know how to say it =w=" lol~


  1. Oh my god they're so cute!!!! You draw extremely well, Lime! And I understand you... drawing in class is more interesting xD

  2. Thankss a lot~!! :D
    i know right, when u're in class it feels like a lot of ideas comes into our mind, XD hahhahah,