Thursday, 22 March 2012


Guess what ?!
my friend, "T" , which is Lemon's best friend told me, that Lemon told him he got Girlfriend from America..  but T is not sure whether Lemon is lying or not. :'(( I hope he was just lying.. D':

And then,, My mom SCOLDED me just because of MY MAID !!! STUPID MAID ! ALWAYS SAID SUCH STUPID THINGS THAT MADE PEOPLE MISUNDERSTOOD ME !!!!!!!!!!!! >:((( she told my mom that I never study and i always play computer. I DID study but AFTER she Sleeep !! she just don't know anything ! 

i told my mom i study after she sleep, but all she said was "It's at night already ! I told u to study AFTER school ! U shouldn't sleep so late ! what for you study until late at night at 12 but you feel sleepy!" well that's HER NOT ME !! when i sleep early, what do they, my parents, told me ???!?? "you know , I always sleep at 3 or 5 or sometimes even didn't sleep just to study" AREN'T THEY THE SAME ?!??!?!?!!! AAAAAAAAAAARGGH !!! 

I actually wanted to talk more about Lemon. That's what i'm planning before... but i was too angry with my mother that i talk more about my mother.. 

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