Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lemon's Birthday~!

You know what ?!??
Today is Lemon's Birthday Desu~!! >w<
so,, i post on his wall in fb "Happy Birthday :))" . I thought he would ignore it or just like it. but he commented on it ! "TQ~~ ^^" aaaawww~~ 
i know it's stupid to feel so happy just by his "thank you" but.. it's been a while since he said something to me.. and when he talked to me, or chat with me, he would answer it coldly.. well, at least i'm not ignored anymore, :')

I'm soooooooooo Hwuaaapiiiehh



  1. Waaaa! You must be happy, Lime! Lemon finally talked to you... and not commun words, ''TQ''. Waaaa!

  2. yeah,, >W< though sometimes he seems a bit avoiding me, but at least better than before.. :P hahhah~