Monday, 19 March 2012


That Mango Guy PISSED ME OFF ==
I've tried to asked my parents to allow me to go to his hometown since LAST YEAR to meet him [as friend] well i did loved him last year but not until i loved lemon back. =w=a 
and once i got my permission to go there, he said he can't go to meet me just because of TRAFFIC JAM ?!??!?!?! 
I have to message him every 3 hours [since he didn't reply me] to make sure whether we can meet or not. and he replied me after 9 hours ?! and he said he just came back from his friend's house and can't go to meet me since there's a TRAFFIC JAM. !! HOW THE HELL HE GO TO HIS FRIEND'S HOUSE THEN ?!?!?!?!! he can go to his friend's house but can't go to the mall ?!! i'm so angry so i replied him with a lie "nevermind, i'll go by myself" while actually my maid was there. lol. I wanna know whether he'll change his mind to meet me, or just felt sorry a little bit for making me go by myself. but he DIDN'T EVEN REPLY MY MESSAGE ?!??!!??!! 
Sometimes, i just don't understand him. he said he loved me, but he doesn't care at all. It's not like i was wishing him to actually keep loving me after i rejected him or come and meet me as a guy who love me. but as a friend. i came THERE as a Friend ! a friend from far away, who may not be able to went there anymore ! He can at least meet me for a while!! >:/


  1. Boys... they are real IDIOTS. Stop telling lies, it's absurd! Like it says in a comic... stop that, stupid!

  2. Yea, I know.. :/ I just felt so damn angry that time.. =x= now i don't care anymore, hahhahah~