Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pure Science & Add Math Dx

All this time,, my parents had always wanted me to be a Doctor. They got angry whenever i draw things,, since i loved to draw... They force me to take all pure science subjects and additional math. But you see,, my marks were not that good.. I'm not smart at all,, I've always got low marks in math or sciences. and i'm going to get kick out from additional math if i didn't score 70% above D: and my marks this whole time was only 50+ DX I'm Really Sucks at math >< 
What Should I Do ?? >A<
and parents supposed to give me support don't you think ???
But all that they always do was comparing me with Guava or other smart students, and said "if you can't take science then just quit!". Anyone would feel unhappy if they got compared to others right? it makes me feel that i'm way behind them, and i can't compete them at all.. and I was Taking all this SCIENCE SUBJECT because they want me to. and now they're saying all those things?! they said it's up to me whether i want to stay in science class or not! if like that, why didn't they tell me earlier, and don't scold me whenever i draw or do my own things !


  1. Well, if you love drawing (so do I *¬*) you must draw! I mean, you have to do what you like doing. If you aren't good at science, let's be another thing (a mangaka, for example, drawing manga pictures *¬*) (well, that's what I want, but it doesn't matter)
    Think about it, Lime

  2. i want to, but my parents wouldn't allow it.. D: