Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The sound it makes? Nope

It is midnight here in my hometown and it's raining quite heavily,..

The thing with rain is that, well, I don't hate it but the sound that it make makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm fine when there's people all around, but if i am alone, I would feel kind of uncomfortable. More over if there's thunders and lightnings too.

The sound of the raindrops hitting the roofs, the road and all are so loud with the lightning so bright, and a sudden "JDEEERRR" sound, urgh. But the rain itself, honestly, I don't hate it, It's kind of windy when it rains, it's cold, it's feels nice.

So if you asked me,

"Do you like the rain?"

"The rain? Yes. The sound it makes? Nope"


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