Friday, 2 December 2011

My Birthday~! x)

I went out with Guava, Dragon Fruit and Yonyon [1st one without using fruit name, since i cant think of one for him LOL] on my Birthday.
At first it was only me and Guava, and then i invite Dragon Fruit and Yonyon, too. They came after school, They were still wearing their school uniform, Dragon Fruit looks cooler in his School uniform you know xD LOL~!! 
but doesn't mean he looks bad in his casual clothes hahaha xD that's the first time i saw him in his school uniform though :P

We went to Excelso and drink coffee EXCEPT me~ yea, i don't like bitter things :P so i buy Peach ice tea. oh, and i remembered what yonyon said "we all buy coffee how come she is the only one buying tea" xDD hahaha ,, Guava wanted to pay the bills, but i said it's my birthday, so let me treat them. in the end, i pay half of the price and Guava pay another half. but the guys didn't like it to be paid by girls. so, Dragon fruit paid me, but i don't want the money, i wanted to give him back, but he move backwards, i run to him, he ran backwards while smiling. =A=" in the end i couldn't give him back the money.. 

when i messaged him about the money, he said "nevermind, it's for memento" LOL, is there anyone that give money as memento [Except Dragon Fruit] XDD hahhahah

by the way, that's the first time i met Yonyon, and also the first time i went out with Dragon Fruit, lol. i feel nervous and i hide behind Guava, lol =w=a
Yonyon is much more noisier than the him in the chat, really, he kept talking, hahhaha xD and he kept saying "Hello" that time =__=

Finally, when i sent Guava back, She gave me a big box. inside it is a big pink color teddy bear >W< Kawaaiiii~~ :P heheh
But my teddy bear's color is the same as its ribbon here, and the ribbon color is the same as the bear =w=a (I just found this in internet LOL)


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!!!
    Happy Birthday limeee!!!

  2. aww~~ thanks a lllooooot Chiara Bertan .>//<.

  3. Uwaah! That is such a nice bear! ^^ Your blog is so cute, Lime-san! ^w^

  4. Charlotte : aww thank you x))