Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tommy~.. :3

So~.. I have this best friend who is from Indonesia too~. :9 He often tease me~.. xp lol

He is a prefect in my school~.. And he's smart too~.. :3 i ask him to teach me sometimes~.. :9 

He often laugh and makes his surroundings more.. Happy? Don't know the right word~.. XD hahah~..
However sometimes his laugh kinda fake :B as if he's forcing himself~.. 
He often got depressed but he never really show it to people~.. 
I don't know what to do whenever he got depressed~.. So i just draw this for him :

And he likes Tifa from Final Fantasy~.. :9 

Recently, he asked me to draw him with Tifa together~.. XD and this is it :

He likes touhou project, too~.. :3 from
What i remember he likes cirno best :

I was actually planning on giving him a fruit name either~.. But, he didn't answer me each time i ask him what fruit he likes xp i can't guess it myself either~.. Whenever we went out, all he buy was plain water most of the time, he didn't buy juice at all~.. =x=) 

And here is some photos of him~.. : :P


  1. where's my history? my full appearance? my identity? my pride? my faith? my fate? my childhood? my dignity? my whatsoever? my love? my favorite things?

  2. hey i have been following ur blog since long ago.. i though it was already for 3 or 4 months
    glad to can read you posted in your blog again since i never followed anyone else except you, since i found that your blog is quite interesting ^^
    and i also love your drawings :3
    about that friend of yours, somehow i think he isn't just a friend of your, but your crush, is it right..? ;P

    come to visit my blog too anytime, you are very welcome there :)
    and actually i'm an indonesian and an otaku too, so..
    yoroshiku onegaishimasu <3

    1. I'm so touched,, x'D hahahah,, XDD
      thanks for following me~~.. (.>U<.)/ well,, it's kind of hard for me to talk abt the person i like and stuffs now,, since most of my friends even my teacher know abt this blog! XD so i guess,, maybe i'll make a new one,, :9 hhehe,, make sure u follow me again x3 hehe~
      wat makes u think of that~..? XD hahhah,, well~.. u know his comment is just right above urs? :P

      suree~ x3
      wow,, yoroshikuuuu~~~ >U<)9 glad to know youu~..